Tips to Starting an Auto Repair Business With Little Money

Operating an auto repair shop can be a profitable venture but a well furnished and fully equipped auto repair business can be out of reach for most small scale entrepreneurs because of lack of adequate capital. When you analyze the cost of starting up a fully equipped auto repair shop, it can deter you from pursuing your goals. But with determination a clear focus of what you want to achieve at the end of the day, you can successfully push through the financial obstacle and start an auto repair business. As long as you are passionate about it and have the drive to do it, do not hold back because of lack of adequate capital but rise above the obstacles and indulge into the business wholeheartedly. Discuss below are tips to starting an auto repair business with no or little capital.

First, open a bank account for your business even if you do not have money to put in the account. Nowadays, most banks allow customers to open accounts even without initial deposits. In line with this, get an occupational licence for the business so that you can settle all legal issues that may arise in operating your business venture.

Secondly, establish your niche market. Nowadays, there is stiff competition in the business world and you have to come up with up strategies that will help you achieve competitive edge in the market. Considering that you do not have adequate money to set up a well equipped auto repair shop why not take your services to customers. In this I mean that you operate a mobile auto repair business. As long as you have the necessary skills and the essential tools, you can do this perfectly well. Go out and look for business and you will be amazed how responsive clients will be to your services. This will save you the headache of having to look for capital to set up a brick and mortal auto repair shop.

Thirdly, get quality business cards. This can prove to be a good marketing tool if done well. Give your friends and family the business cards and let them spread the word about your services. This will cost several dollars but can go a long way to garner visibility for your services and thus more business. You can also think of referral programs as a lucrative idea of marketing your services. You can offer a commission or discounts to individuals who bring for you business. The best thing about referral programs unlike other means of advertising and promoting your business is that it does not cost you anything. You only give commissions when the referred personal makes a sale. Thus, you are just sharing part of your profits.

Are you an entrepreneur out there and you have what it takes to run an auto repair business in terms of skills and experience? Now that you know that money cannot deter you from successfully operating a success venture, put your house in order and set up your mobile auto repair business.

5 Tips To Start Your Auto Repair Business With Little Or No Money

Starting an auto repair shop can be very profitable, but a shiny complete shop full of new equipment can be out of the reach of most auto repair business entrepreneurs. The cost of a business startup can deter many of us from starting a new auto repair shop now.

However success is never easy and the first thing you need is determination! If you push though this financial obstacle then you will reap huge benefits and rewards. If you have the ability to repair vehicles then you are more than half way there. You can start an auto repair business as long as you can do the work yourself and you have the drive to do it. Here are 5 tips to start your auto repair business with little or no money!

1) Legalities. You will need to get an occupational license and open a business bank account. You will need to file a fictitious name request online to open a business bank account. You may also file for an occupational license online as well.

2) Type of business. You will need to adjust your niche. If you cannot afford a shop to bring customers to why not take the shop to the customers. Why not offer a mobile auto repair business until you can get a brick and mortar shop.

3) Business cards. If you can afford to you should go to a professional for your business cards such as Vista print they offer a onetime free offer for full color and quality business cards. Do not forget to utilize the back of your business cards. Do not leave the back of your cards blank. Think of the back of your business cards as a free billboard that you can use to offer discounts or referral fees to consumers who send customers your way.

4) Free ways to market. Marketing is the key to any businesses success or failure. You should utilize every social media site that you can such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It may seem daunting at first but you can use to update all of your social media sites at once. You will need a website with your local keywords in the Meta tags. You must submit your website to as many search engines as you possibly can. You can start search engine submissions with You will also need a keyword rich blog. You should use the services section of Craigslist to post your auto repair niche classified in for free. Do not post a plain old ad to Craigslist, go to Google and type in free Craigslist template and you will get an eye catching template for free. You should post your classified to as many free classified sites that you are able to. Post a free ad on Manta and post your business information on Google maps and places. This is by no means a complete list but these ideas will get you started on your path to owning a successful auto repair business.

5) Failure is not an option. If you really want a repair shop full of equipment that you own then you will need to make it happen. You will need to save 20% of the profit that you make and save it. If you can you should open an interest bearing account and keep adding 20% of your profits to your savings account and you will be on your way to owning the auto repair shop you have dreamed of.

Whatever you do make it count! Do not take no for an answer! Do not listen to nay Sayers! If everyone in history listened to the masses we would still believe the world was flat. 2012 can be the year you started on your road to success!

Upgrading My Auto Repair Business – Stop MBP From Destroying Your Efforts

What is MBP and why is it the ultimate killer of upgrading my auto repair business? MBP is one of the biggest problems facing repair shop owners today because it destroys any and all forward momentum. This is the primary reason most auto repair advertising produces less than optimal results and is a large contributor to negative industry stereotypes.

When someone is looking into upgrading his auto repair business, he must first look into his MBP- Mood Based Philosophy.

Now, before you click away and dismiss this as some “as seen on Oprah psychobabble” take a second and see if any of these statements sound like you:

  • “Advertising is worthless, we tried that and it didn’t work.”
  • “We can’t hire anyone, most people out there don’t know what they’re doing.”
  • “Word of mouth is the only thing that works.”
  • “We will not give information over the phone.”

Upgrading My Auto Repair Business – MBP Example:

Why are these statements indications of poor MBP? Because it is a mood based philosophy which completely limits your ability to grow your business.

“Advertising is worthless, we tried that and it didn’t work.” This frequently comes from shop owners who tried something once or twice, had it produce less than fantastic results, and then decided to blanket the entire concept with a negative overtone.

One of the best illustrations of poor MBP crippling expansion was a fellow who told us, “I spent $5500 in one week on radio and it didn’t bring in a single new car.” This person is right up with another who said, “Direct mail is worthless; I sent out over 1000 letters and didn’t see any results.”

How did each of these shop owners end the discussion? “Advertising does not work.”

Upgrading My Auto Repair Business – MBP Auto Repair Advertising:

Advertising DOES work, but only if used correctly. In almost every case, it never occurred to the shop owner he may have been doing something wrong. Instead, they turn to the “sour grapes” attitude and make blanket statements over entire non related situations. Why did the shop owner who spent $5500 in one week on radio ads not see results? Because he did not know you must be prepared to run your ads for multiple weeks for the message to sink in.

Radio reality is that most auto repair commercials sound exactly alike and are tuned out by consumers. Beyond that, for every 1000 people who even hear what you say, you’ll be lucky to get 1 who cares and needs what you sell. If one does not use the frequency + placement + clarity = Return On Investment equation, he is bound to fail.

Why did the shop owner who tried direct mail see such awful results? Because he only sent one letter. If he had used a sequential mailer, he would have seen an actual return on his investment.

MBP Reality = Shop owners are locked into seasonal business cycles and always blame peaks and valleys on MBP fictions.

Upgrading My Auto Repair Business – MBP Car Repair Estimates:

“We will not quote over the phone.” This statement has been pounded into the auto repair industry psyche like pimentos into olives. But unfortunately, it’s been perverted from “no quotes” into “no value or information of any kind ever.”

While it is very true that accurate estimates cannot be given without physical inspections, refusing to provide quality information to customers has only furthered industry problems.

When well meaning, knowledgeable technicians refuse to provide information when clients call, they are pushing unsuspecting drivers into the open arms of predators. This problem is compounded by the way shops present their information and estimates. Having a strong perfection-only MBP is just as crippling to a good shop as the low ball leaders.

MBP Reality = Shop owners believe the MBP fiction that price-shoppers dominate their market.

Upgrading My Auto Repair Business – MBP Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that it does not matter if your statements come from advertising, phone quotes, or hiring, if you hold a blanket negative outlook on any aspect of your business, it will completely derail all of your ability to move forward.

Your best bet is to find where your MBPs exist, write them down, and then take steps to find alternatives. Doing so will catapult you into an entire world of possibility.