How Online Appointment Software Can Streamline Your Auto Repair Business

One of the best businesses to enter into, if you are a certified mechanic and have an entrepreneurial spirit, is an auto repair business. People will always drive cars, and cars will always break down, meaning that you provide a service that people will always need. Especially in these hard economic times, people are far more likely to keep their current cars and trucks in good repair, rather than let them wear down in order to buy replacement vehicles.

However, if you are currently running your own auto repair business, you have already likely discovered the one thing that pretty much overwhelms your entire business – administrative tasks. The fact is that, with any small business, the management of administrative tasks is likely to take up more of your time than actually repairing cars and trucks will. But never fear.

The 21st century has an answer to this problem, and it is surprisingly simple. Online appointment setting and scheduling software is making it easier than ever for businesses like yours to manage their administrative tasks and focus on the actual details of the auto repair business.

Online Software Allows Your Clients To Set Appointments Automatically

This online booking software allows you to let your clients go to a Web site, see the available appointments you have, and then set them. This is a far sight better than the customer bringing in the car and having it sit there for days until you are able to get to it. In that time, you have to store it, secure it and you are responsible for its safety.

Through the online software, your customers will know when you are available to work on their car, and they can bring it in at that time without hassle for efficient repairs.

Automatically Let Customers Know When Repairs Are Completed

Another great feature is that through the use of automatic updates, you will be able to instantly inform your customers that the repairs of their car or truck are entirely complete.

Simply set the status of your online appointment to “complete” and an electronic update will be sent to the customer. In this age of smart phones and instant email, your customer will know right away that the car is done, and to pick it up as soon as possible.